TRANSPARENT RANKING: CRIS by Google Scholar (August 2021)


12th Edition (August 2021)

          During the last months, we realized the indexing of records of several open access repositories by Google Scholar is not as complete as previously without a clear reason. From the experience of a few cases, it looks that GS penalizes error in the metadata descriptions, so it is important to the affected repositories to check their level of indexing and to try to identify potential problems.

          Please, consider the following Indexing GS guidelines

          and the following material: Exposing Repository Content to Google Scholar

          A few suggestions for improving the web visibility of the contents of your institutional OA repository
         "Altmetrics of the Open Access Institutional Repositories: A Webometrics Approach"

          As a service for the OA community we are providing four lists of repositories (all (institutional+subject), institutional, portals and CRIS) with the raw numbers of records in GS for their web domains (site:xxx.yyy.zz excluding citations and patents) ranked by decreasing number of items as collected during the second week of AUGUST 2021. The list is still incomplete as we are still adding new repositories.

          As usual, you can contact our editor (Isidro F. Aguillo) for any comment or suggestion.

This ranking has been funded by the CSIC Intramural 201710E077




1 Aalborg Universitet VBN Research 26800
2 University of Groningen Research Portal 24700
3 ACCEDA CRIS Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 16600
4 Research Portal Vrije Universiteit Brussel 15200
5 University of Twente Research Information 13100
6 Research WUR wageningen University and Research 12900
7 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU Research Expertise 11000
8 Research Portal University of Southern Denmark 8550
9 Copenhagen Business School Research Portal 7880
10 Research Portal University of New England 7850
11 Monash University Research Portal 7010
12 Ulster University Research Portal 5700
13 Roskilde University Research Portal 4910
14 Aalto University's Research Portal 4180
15 Gazi Üniversitesi Research Information System 3940
16 Research Portal Aarhus University 3190
17 Bond University Research 2490
18 Hanze University of Applied Sciences Research Portal 2180
19 University of Birmingham Research Portal 1920
20 NTU Scholars National Taiwan University 1910
21 University of the West of Scotland Academic Portal 1780
22 Ural Federal University Research Portal 1710
23 University of Huddersfield Research Portal 1610
24 Erciyes University Research Information System  1590
25 Yıldız Technical University Research Information System  1580
26 Open Universiteit Research Portal 1400
27 Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Repositories 1380
28 Research Online Glasgow Caledonian University 1370
29 Chalmers University Research 1290
29 Tampere University Research Portal 1290
31 Middle East Technical University Research Information System  1120
32 University of Northampton's Research Explorer 1100
33 Research Portal Bangor University 1070
34 Ataturk University Research Information System  1050
35 University of Roehampton Research Explorer 1020
36 Kulturministeriets Pure-Konsortium for arkiver, biblioteker og museer 990
37 Kocaeli University Research Information System  899
38 Solent University Research 854
39 Rothamsted University Research 849
40 University of the Highlands and Islands Research 796
41 Research Royal Holloway University of London 790
42 CRIS University of Lapland 650
43 Research Index FOX Leuphana Universität Lüneburg 586
44 Current Research Information System TEI of Epirus 465
45 Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology DGIST Scholar 460
46 University of Winchester Research Portal 380
47 Portal de Investigadores Universidad Andrés Bello 235
48 Research Database ITU University of Copenhagen 215
49 Leeds Trinity University Research 183
50 Breda University of Applied Sciences BUas Research Portal 159
51 University of South Wales Research Explorer 157
52 Kütahya Health Sciences University Research Information System 155
53 Galatasaray University Research Information System  153
54 Hartpury University Research Portal 129
55 Kayseri University Research Information System  106
56 Research Portal University of St Andrews 91
57 CU FIND Campbell University Research 57
58 Polish Platform of Medical Research 55
59 Research University of Copenhagen 23
60 Portal de Producción Científica Universidad de Cadiz 17
61 Aberystwyth University Repository 0
61 Base of Knowledge Warsaw University of Technology 0
61 CRIS Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC 0
61 Hogeschool van Amsterdam HvA Research Database 0
61 PeruCRIS National CRIS Project 0
61 Prince Sultan University Research 0
61 University of Hong Kong Scholars Hub 0