January 2014 edition: Altmetrics indicators added!

        Welcome to the 14th edition of  the Ranking Web of Repositories, that it is published since 2008. Two standards editions are available usually at the end of January and July.

        The criteria for inclusion are very simple: The repositories should have their own web domain or subdomain and include at least peer-reviewed papers to be considered (services that contain only archives, databanks or learning objects are not ranked).

        Although there is a paper describing the Ranking, Aguillo, I.F., Ortega, J.L., Fernández, M., Utrilla, A.M. (2010). Indicators for a webometric Ranking of Open Access Repositories. Scientometrics, 82 (3): 477-486. (You can get the author's edition in Open Access), there are some important changes in the methodology. The indicators and weighting are described below::

  • Size: Total number of web pages by Google (10%)
  • Visibility. Obtained from combining the square root of the external inlinks and the number of their referred webdomains according to the two major providers of link data: Majestic SEO and ahrefs. Several colleagues provided evidence that top sources of links can be distorting the correct ranking of many institutions so specific measures were warranted. So, we decided accordingly to change the methodology for obtaining the visibility indicator, excluding from calculations the top 10 citing domains and the corresponding backlinks, maintaining the previous formula for the rest of the link data. The number of 10 is an arbitrary decision that can be reviewed if it is needed in the future.The value chosen is the maximum between the normalized products of both (25%).
  • Altmetrics. The following sources of mentions are now included in the Visibility indicator: Academia, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley, ResearchGate, Slideshare, Twitter, Wikipedia (all editions), Wikipedia (English edition) & YouTube (25%).
  • Rich files: The sum of the following file types(by Google): pdf, doc+docx and ppt+pptx (10%). Starting with this edition the counting of ps &eps files are discontinued.
  • Scholar: The total number of items in Google Scholar plus the amount corresponding to recent ones: the 5-year period between 2009-2013 (30%).

Published figures are RANKS (lower is better), intended for showing individual performances, but they are not the values used in the calculations.

Registration of repositories with Webometrics

     Please, remember we are not associated with directories like OpenDOAR or ROAR and that our criteria are more restrictive. If you wish to add you repository to our Ranking you should contact directly with us informing of the name and URL of your repository in the following e-mail address.